Podere Le Cinciole

Quality and Passion

The name “Le Cinciole” indicates a locality that has been so called for centuries and apparently it is the vulgarization of “Le terre di Quintius” (lands of Quintius).

We arrived here at the beginning of the Nineties, driven by love for nature and dreaming of producing quality products created with respect for tradition and the environment.
Over the years we have worked hard to grow the farm. We have re-planted new vineyards in order to improve the quality, restructured and expanded the cellar, renovated the machinery, diversified the production, renovated the old farmhouse following an eco-sustainable logic, realized a photovoltaic system that produces 100% of the energy we need.

Today Le Cinciole is a modern and dynamic farm, 100% sustainable.

Podere Le Cinciole

The soil

The farm covers 30 hectares; ten hectares are destined for specialized vineyards, whilea surface with about 1000 plants is destined for the cultivation of the olive tree. Our vineyards are located at an altitude between 430 and 500 meters. The main exposure is South-East.

The soil is the dominant factor that characterizes our wines. From a geological point of view, it can be defined as slate. The pietraforte is the rocky massif on which the vineyards lie, while the slates are superficial clay compacts which, under the action of atmospheric agents, generate smaller and smaller fragments, giving rise to the typical soil called galestro.

Podere Le Cinciole

The vine

If the soil is important, so is the care we devote to our vines, aimed at the exaltation of what is called terroir . Our plants are “light” with a few buds in production and with a leaflet ideally just enough to meet the nutritional needs of the plant and the fruit.
We do not force the plants with chemical fertilizers, but we look for the fertility of the soil, a living soil in which the microorganisms and minerals already present can interact freely to feed the roots of our plants.
We use only organic soil improvers, compost generated by the natural fermentation of pruning residues and possibly of safe origin.
To defend ourselves from the most common vine aggressors we use “copper salts” and natural sulfur, operating in respect of nature.
These attentions are all the more effective the more prompt and timely our daily commitment to the “good agronomic management” of the vineyards: cleaning, aerating, paling.

Podere Le Cinciole

The cellar

All Le Cinciole wines are produced with grapes exclusively from our vineyards, harvested by hand and vinified in a natural way by spontaneous fermentation.

There are two historical wines that we produce since the early nineties: “Le Cinciole” Chianti Classico and “Petresco” Igt Toscana. The first one obtained from Sangiovese grapes harvested in all our vineyards, is matured in traditional oak barrels of medium capacity (20/25 Hl).
Petresco, produced from a careful selection of Sangiovese grapes coming from a single vineyard placed in an optimal position at an altitude of 470 msl, is matured in barrels of small capacity.

In 2000 we introduced a small quantity of international vines, convinced that in a particularly suitable territory, the soil always prevailed over the vine. From this certainty we started to create “Camalaione“, produced with non-native grapes, but with the taste of Panzano.

More recently, other wines have been added to our range: “Aluigi“, a Chianti Classico Riserva also coming from a single vineyard; the less demanding “Cinciorosso“; the fresh and floral “Rosato“. The last born in the family is “E’ senza“, a wine produced in the name of the most extreme naturalness, vinified with long maceration in amphora, without adding sulphites.


Valeria and Luca

An adventure born almost 30 years from the love for this territory and for good wine. A harmony of work and passion, of experience and heart, authentic people in love with the scent of the vineyard.