The estate has an extension of 30 hectares at an altitude between 400 and 450 mts and it is located next to the town of Panzano in Chianti., in he heart of Chianti Classico area. Vineyards and olive groves are grown on the property.
The name “Le Cinciole” indicates a locality that has been so called for centuries and apparently it is the vulgarization of “Le terre di Quintius” (lands of Quintius).
The estate is personally run by its vintners-owners Valeria Viganò and Luca Orsini.
The farm includes at present thirteen hectares of vineyards, of which eleven are actually in production, and five hectares of olive trees with 1000 trees.

The principal objective of our farm has always been the search for quality which respects traditions and territory. What characterizes us in particular is our choice of using the Sangiovese grape to produce Chianti Classico, with a moderate use of wood to respect the nature of the grape.

Two are the “historical” wines produced by us: “Le Cinciole”, Chianti Classico and “Petresco,” Riserva.
The first is produced with Sangiovese and a very small percentage of Canaiolo grapes, aged in medium capacity oak barrels . Our aim is to exalt the characteristics of the grape conserving as far as possible the primary fragrances and pleasant nature of a young wine.
The Riserva represents the selection of the best Sangiovese grapes from the best vineyards, aged barriques in order to obtain the right relationship between wood and wine, in order to express, following a lengthy aging in the bottle, the essential complexity of wines made to mature.

In 2000 we started a new project that made us introduce some international grape varietals. This choice came from our idea that when a territory is particularly suitable for grape production, it is this characteristic that dominates on a varietal. From this is idea and our experience on our vineyards came this new wine Camalaione.

Our hope is that Camalaione, although it is made with varietals that are not so traditional in our area, will have the taste of Tuscany and more in particular of Panzano.
The varietals are three and the blend is not all that usual: Cabernet Sauvignon (70%), Syrah (15%), Merlot (15%).

Extreme care has been given to the agronomical and oenological aspects of the production of this wine.

At present we produce 35.000 of Le Cinciole Chianti Classico, 4.000 of Petresco Riserva and 3.000 of “Camalaione” IGT Toscana.

Luca and Valeria Orsini

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